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Rotation! Yay! This has a theme. I think...Something old and somthing new, something borrowed and something blue. I'm not sure where this came's the product of my over-active imagination whilst being bored out of my skull at work.

Something old.
Artist: X-Japan
Title: Tears

Something new.
Artist: Gackt
Title: Storm

Something borrowed.
Artist: The Trax
Title: Tears (X-Japan cover)

Something blue.
Artist: Takui
Title: Nagekumo Aoi Chikyuu de

Some more Gackt.
Pappa Lapped a Pap Lopped

And my weekly recommendation...
Dir en grey - Dead Tree [live].
I was going to upload Clever Sleazoid because it pwns my soul, but I've seen it up all over the place and thought maybe not. So, I uploaded one of the lives on the single. Dead Tree is a beautiful song, but when it's live...*dies* Kyo just sounds so...desperate and pathetic. He really is a brilliant performer. He manipulates his voice to blend perfectly with the mood of the music and lyrics. This is a must have. It'll make your heart clench with sorrow.
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