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Dirty Angels

J-rock Fan Community

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Dirty Angels is a community created for the pleasure of Jrock fans. All we ask is that you please follow the rules.
.x rules x.

x. Please only post entries relating to Jrock. This includes pictures, articles, fanservice, icons, graphics, fan art, humour, links, etcetera. Larger posts need to be put behind a cut.

x. No flaming of artists unless their name is Ayumi Hamasaki, then you can burn. If you see Kami-sama or Janne de Arc flaming a particular artist, then you have twenty-four hours to openly flame that artist as well.

x. No trolling or whoring of communities unless permission is granted by either Kami-Sama or Janne de Arc. Which will be in very rare circumstances.

x. Respect everyone in the community. This includes their opinions and tastes. Any attacks on members will not be tolerated and the attacker shall be banned. This does not include Kami-Sama or Janne de Arc. We will randomly insult people as we see fit. Please do take it personally because we are not big fans of stupidity.

x. We love Yaoi. A lot. You must shower the community in yaoi if you wish to get in our good books. You may even receive something in return.

x. You must fawn over and worship Kami-sama for he is the master of everything Jrock.

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