Loved ones and gorgeous people....

I'm sorry I've been gone for +months.

To be honest, I'm busy as hell. I don't really have the time... or the heart, to update this place weekly.

There aren't many people who still come around here, so I don't know how it will go over. I don't want to close Dirty_angels, because this place means alot to me. I just can't keep up with the sched' of loadloadload every week.

I've not been here for almost three months. No, wait, three sounds about right. The original mods would have never done that...

And I do believe, by all standards, that I am a disgrace as a co-mod.

If anyone else wants to step up to do the job... please. If no one will, then... I'm going to have to hiatus the community. I'm not being a lazy prick, I just can't do it. I thought I'd be able to, but I just... can't.

Email me at if you have any questions or offers for co-mod.

I'm sorry I've done messed it up,

Tommy "Kazu"
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Hi everyone :D
Uhmmmm I'm Lily. Nice to meet you allll~

ahh I have nothing to say or give =0=;; Bu~uut I shall upload stuff later. x3;;
Posting here for my dear kazusakasumi~ ♥

..yeah. This post will be edited soon enough with links to yummy Jrock. :)

sorry for the pointlessness of this post. ;____;' what am I doingggg? XD;

Gazette - Cassis [B type, three songs]

More coming soon~

- Lily

Happy new years!

Okay, I know I said I'd update sometime around Tuesday, but haaaaay, NEW YEARS WAS HERE!


Gazette and Pierrot as promised, with a couple other things.

Gazette - Reila PV

Gazette - Ruder PV

Gazette - Miseinen PV

Pierrot - Yuuyami Suicide PV

Pierrot - Kowareteiku kono sekai de LIVE

Pierrot - Heaven LIVE


L'Arc~en~Ciel - Jyojyoushi PV

D'espairs Ray - BORN PV

And that's all. Happy New Year's 06, Dirty_angels! Be merry :D


I'm sorry I've been slacking so much ;__;

Here's the update for this week... next week's will be HUGE. I promise, it'll be big to make up for my slack.

Ayabie - Misery in the Dusk, PV

Ayabie - Gothic Party Speed Session, PV

Ayabie - Daikei, PV

....And, Dir en grey's Umbrella, performed @ Code of Vulgarism, because it was already uploaded.

I have a feeling this has been posted before. If such is the case, I shall definately make up for it within the week with Gazette and Pierrot.

Smidge of songs...

I'm sorry I've been spacing updating!

This week'll have Luinspear. (Ruka of Nightmare and Jui of Vidoll's old band.)

Luinspear - Dearest

Luinspear - G-cross

Luinspear - Isis

And when I get to the rest of it, you can have it babies <33
kyo; everything

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We have a new mod! kazusakasumi! Yay!
She's going to be helping me and stuff because I am in the middle of a mental breakdown. Yeah, so, be nice as she is going to be the main supplier of music.
kazusakasumi: You can do pretty much anything you like. Change, add, remove, whatever. If I don't like it, I'll mumble about it, hint that you change it and then probably leave it alone. I'm not fussy about this right now. Just have some fun and provide the people of the world with Jrock!!! ^^; Thank you for doing this. It would have been very painful for me to just abandon this community.


kyo; everything

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I've thought about it for a while now and I've decided that I no longer have the energy to keep going with dirty_angels. I just don't care anymore and...yeah.
So if anyone would like to take over, comment and we'll sort it out. Otherwise I'll delete the community.